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The last ghost on Earth needs to tell a story: a story about Detective Quinn Rent, whose impending madness threatens his investigation of a supernatural killer in the woods of Vermont. Something about Rent’s experience holds the key to healing a dangerous rift in time and space. With time running out, a ship appears in the blue sky. . .

This supernatural Science Fiction thriller is available on a PC DVD for only $9.95.

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" is one of the coolest
things I've seen in quite some time."


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" interesting experiment in re-imaging more traditional forms of story-telling." (And) "... utilizes a small army of actors and musicians to tell its tale..."
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"The novel’s plot makes "Twin Peaks" look straightforward: Expect ghosts, aliens, detectives and leaps in space and time. The images are very Stephen King meets heavy metal. But the overall experience is oddly hypnotic. Everybody agrees that DeadBooks is ahead of its time—maybe even a glimpse at the future of a struggling print culture." —Seven Days, Margot Harrison

Deadbook's creator, Hasso Wuerslin,
interviewed on Rue Morgue radio.

Catch the upcoming article on the creation of The Deadbooks in the May issue of Sonar4's Science Fiction and Horror Ezine

Don't miss the upcoming interview of DeadBooks creator Hasso Wuerslin on Virginia Prescott's Word of Mouth on NH public radio

3/9/09: Deadbooks creator, Hasso Wuerslin, interviewed on the Charlie and Ernie News Talk 620 WVMT Radio show.

DeadBooks's creator Hasso Wuerslin was a guest
on Cult Radio A-Go-Go March 7th, 2009. nominated for the 7th Annual
Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards

"DeadBooks hints at a densely packed mythology that draws on The X-Files and Stephen King, with a little David Lynch-style creepiness thrown in for good measure."
Hugh Hart,

Listen to VPR's Susan Keese's interview
with Deadbooks creator, Hasso Wuerslin

"... I admit I had some pretty strong eerie moments that caused chills to run up my back, something I wouldn’t otherwise feel if the story was a simple novel."
Harry Markov, Temple Library Reviews

“Wuerslin may be a pioneer in creating a novel experience… Read The DeadBooks and decide for yourself. As for me, I highly recommend it.”
Zombo’s Closet of Horror Blog

“... the end product is strangely hypnotic and a bit creepy. It's certainly something unique and innovative.”
Mark's Horror & Suspense Blog (

"Hasso has been influenced by guys like Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft… Hasso’s novel is on a (PC/Mac) DVD, acted out like an elaborate audio book or radio play, with a visual element of still photos, accompanied by the music of 40 bands from around the world and acted out by over 30 actors… is played out in a 10 hour serialization. And that’s just the first part of the series!"Cinema Suicide

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America psicodreamics " is the ultimate novel experience that utilizes the full multimedia experience that only the Web can provide"

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Watched a Good Book Lately?
Mark H. Harris - Monday August 25, 2008 - Excerped

"I came across an interesting site last week: It calls itself a "hyper-serialization," and I can't think of a better term for it. Basically, it's the Internet version of a book on tape, involving not only a vocal reading of books (in this case, the Deadbooks series by Hasso Wuerslin), but also sound effects, music, interactive elements and visuals that are like a living scrapbook—not quite moving video, not quite static photos, but a hybrid.

Wuerslin has dedicated eight years of his life to animating the chapters, utilizing over 30 actors and 40 musical groups from around the world. The story itself seems to be a horror-sci fi hybrid about a man on a mining ship that discovers a lifeless Earth. As the man explores, he's possessed by a ghost trying to get him to see the last days of its life. . . . the end product is strangely hypnotic and a bit creepy. It's certainly something unique and innovative."

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